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SAN is pleased to announce the following training programme: 

Prove Improve Account 2-day Workshop    

The two-day Prove Improve Account Workshop is aimed at people who wish to understand the Four Step social accounting process either in order to facilitate the process with social economy organisations or to use it within their own organisation. The cost is £375 including a copy of the social accounting and audit Guide & CD and one year’s access to the SAN online learning platform + refreshments throughout. the 2 days and lunch on both days.
Check out the booking information below for OFFERS to SAN Members and for multiple bookings.

The Workshop will go through the Four Step process in detail from the perspective of a facilitator/trainer and will include:

  • Thinking It Through: To provide a brief overview of social accounting and audit
  • To introduce Step One: What difference do we want to make…?
  • To introduce Step Two: How do we know we are making a difference
  • To introduce Step Three: What is the difference we are making – show how to collate and analyse the data and draft the social accounts
  • To introduce Step Four: Can we prove that we made a difference (the social audit panel process that verifies the social accounts)

Workshops Dates:

21st and 22nd November 2019

29th and 30th January 2020

Please email with any queries.


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