Affiliate Networks – Stockport Accounting for Social Good Network

SAN is pleased to announce that it has entered into its first Memorandum of Agreement with an Affiliate Network; the Stockport Social Accounting for Social Good Network.

This agreement sets out our shared interests and values and describes how we will support each other to flourish.

Other informal, un-constituted networks wishing to become affiliated with SAN should contact the office at SAN recognises a number of local and other networks, where organisations are getting together to discuss social value, social impact and social accounting.

SAN’s relationship with these networks will include:

  • The offer to hold a Roadshow event or for a SAN Director or Regional Co-ordinator to speak at a Network meeting
  • Recognition at the SAN website (including a short bio of the organisation and link to their activities/website)
  • The offer of promotion via the SAN Newsletter or blog
  • Use of the SAN logo in promotional materials, in exchange for a short, written report back to SAN once a year, describing their activities.

Local Networks:

  • May include SAN Members, but this is not a prerequisite
  • Are self-organising
  • Are not formally constituted
  • Are values-based (i.e. Generally social economy organisations coming together for support, shared learning, etc)
  • Include social accounting in the scope of their discussions
  • Could be geographically based or thematic (e.g. a group of Credit Unions / Citizens Advice Organisations)
  • Are generally in the UK

No money changes hands in this arrangement – the purpose of these agreements is mutual support and sharing of learning, good practice and information about social accounting, social audit and social impact. It also recognises the incredibly important work that is done through these voluntary networks which are driven by those with a passion for social impact.

Lynn Sbaih
Managing Director
SAN Director


social accounting, social audit, social value, social impact

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